THROUGH THE CITY ft. Bishop Brigante & Dusty Delcozzo

from by 100 Bulletz

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Dippin thru the city,
sittin low bumping biggie,
Ridin’ slow getting lifted,
we go'n roll til we get it…
We ridin... through the city.

Top down in my ride, lights up in my city,
cruisin’ out in these streets, fix up... no Dizzy,
I keep takin’ them shots, but I ain’t talkin like 50,
tryina stopping my Shyne, but u ain’t lookin like Diddy.
See, I spotted where them Jakes at, fade that,
Swoop my nigga, we go way back, way back,
same streets we was raised in, ran game at,
Getting Money, so we play that, n play it back like…
That’s just how how we ride,
my niggas switchin lanes almost every single night.
5 in the mornin, it’s almost it never ends,
and when the sun down, you know we doin it again.

They say that boy is a problem, they don't like where I take it,
cuz I hate when make-shift fakes kids imitate this.
I am greatness... in every sense of the word,
and I save what them same lames have spent on a bird, word....
Fuck it dog cuz I'm faded,
So happy we made it (we done made it dog)
Fuck them hoes that be hatin, (fuck them bitches though)
they the same ones that get naked.
In that Scarborough state of mind, so I stay with my nine,
should I leave or should I stay? I can't make up my mind.
So, I'm up and down that Kennedy strip, Hennessy ripped,
ridin' dirty, 7:30, bumping "Me & My Whip."

Ridin... windows closed dark tinted, Polo pea coat Clark kent it,
the Lords Rose Golds authentic n' I roll so slow as though I'm parked in it.
But it so cold that I had to close coffin it and there so much smoke u suppose to cough in it,
open the door have em all froze watchin it, let it go and it roll like I'm ghost walkin it.
I bump Big Poppa "Juicy" but I chop and skrew it try not to lose it,
like 2PAC in Juice did cock and shoot it pop pop his crew and...
Shot at Q wit the cops pursuing but its not a movie and its not my music,
if you riding to it you been vibing through it, I aint gotta prove it.
Ridin' the city streets; my city we survive by any means abide by many things,
we die if anything comes in-between or intervenes with La Familia or gettin seen,
driving in it, Ready to Die up in it! Life After Death, Hypnotize skies the limit,
cuz when I die, I wanna feel like I'm the biggest like in the eyes of millions can't describe the feeling we...


from KEEP IT 100, released January 2, 2014
Written by: 100 Bulletz, Dusty Delcozzo, Bishop Brigante, Dennis Smith
Produced by: 100 Bulletz
Mixed & Mastered by "Shadow" at M.A.D Studios



all rights reserved


100 Bulletz Toronto, Ontario

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