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I can see the sun go down, but darkness doesn't hid this city,
Cause torches pass down and blaze a trail.
Decades go by and with them,
monuments are raised to the triumph and the trials of the great.
The triumph and the trials of the great.

They said Hip Hop was dead; I started to hate music,
A buncha fake rappers n’ a fans who relate to it,
it’s like to sell a record you gotta degrade music,
But then I got to thinkin’ bout alla the great music.
That Wale, Lupe, Kendrick n’ Drake Music,
Dilla, Cole, Hova: anythin’ J music.
Slaughterhouse, The Lox, that Wu-Tang music,
Outkast, Goodie Mob, you know how “The A” do it, (Luda!)
That Fugees, Bone Thugs, Scarface music,
Mac Dre, Mac Mall, E-40; That Bay music,
Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A music,
Slim Shady, 50, The Game, That Dre movement.
That Black Star, “Niggas with Something to Say Music,”
Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, beat bumpin n’ blaze to it.
That No Limit, Pusha-T, Kanye Music,
Wait, No Limit, Pusha T, that’s “Con Ye” music,
I XL with the pen cuz Chino n’ Jay Blueprints.
Rakim and KRS-1 paved the way to it.
DMC, Public Enemy, Back in the day music,
Biggie, Pac, Big L, martyrs who changed music,
Nas, Common, The Roots: niggas who saved music,
Pharoah Monch, Pun, Proof: The reason I make music.
Gotta keep faith, so I’m bumpin’ Lecrae music,
If the wall to high, then I’m comin’ to break through it!

Yo, I dunno what next, but this album almost never happened,
til my boy Jake told me that I’m better rappin’,
Than most niggas, I could coach niggas, tell em’ practice,
was born to shine behind a mic like every Jackson.
A reaction for every action,
my god brother said you gotta gift from God and you hella slackin,
So, let’s get it crackin, class is in session,
I snap on a record, Wesley Snipes, black in a second,
they say, “The present is a gift, well my rappins a present,
n’ in the future, I’ma pass, n’ on that ladder to heaven,
I look back; I just hope I left a lasting impression,
In my rap, n’ I know, I done crafted perfection,
On a track, used battle rap to catch the attention,
It put a nigga on the map, n’ every map has a legend,
The names Bulletz, gotta give it a shot,
I’m not quittin, clock’ tickin’, every minute I got,
The Mission impossible, plot thick as Nicki Minaj,
So, gimme my props or I’ma Set It off, Vivica Fox.
The ladder to success more like a spiral staircase,
Cuz I been runnin round in circles tryina get the top.


from KEEP IT 100, released January 2, 2014
Written by: 100 Bulletz & Bori Afolabi
Produced by: 100 Bulletz
Mixed & Mastered by: "Shadow" at M.A.D Studios



all rights reserved


100 Bulletz Toronto, Ontario

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