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The Time I Almost Died

The first thing I remember, Kool Herc and the break beats,
I been everywhere; Brooklyn to Grape Street,
I was conceived in the summertime, no A.C,
Mom and pops at a block party n' made me,
My early life; it wasn’t all that bad,
dear mom a old soul, gave me all I had,
Poppa hit it, rock n’ roll out, wasn’t all that sad,
Unless you listen to sista talkin all that jazz,
My uncle always in a funk, lil’ brother been a punk,
crates in the back seat, father put me in the trunk,
Grew up in the 80’s, I ain’t really like class,
This is how it be boy, battlin’ n’ might spazz,
Crazy legs, head spinnin’, told em I be right back,
I ain’t gonna walk this way, yeah boy, it’s like that.
Made the whole planet rock all from a mic check,
Stay fresh, real slick… had beef, but I patch,
It up, told em if u see power... fight that,
Became a public enemy just pluggin in in the mic jack,
School of the hard knocks, I inspired mike jack,
Givin up, you can scratch that, like flash,
As a teenager I was used to seein lights flash,
It’s almost gone in a blink of an eye, like Flash,
Used to be the prince when the kids around,
But I’m growin’ up, grip the pound, it’s all different now,
I’ma nigga with attitude n’ they notice me,
A cop killa, the Pope grabbing his rosary,
Politicians like, “this ain’t how it’s supposed to be.”
Try to kill a nigga, my friends and family is holdin’ me.
Like don’t go to sleep, the cuzzin is death,
I’m… holdin’ my breath in my chest til nothing is left,
They wanna see me laid in the back of a hearse n’
that’s when I started movin’ from person to person.
I gave Calvin that flow when he first was emergin,
Provided Zack that rage, n’ it worsen and worsen,
I'm on a mission now, I travelled the earth n determined,
but these shiny suits got me more nervous n’ nervous,
Everywhere I show up, It’s all eyes on me...

It was over in a couple minutes,
whole crowd yellin’ fix, I’m ringside with a couple niggas,
I moved to Cali, been with Pac a few years now,
Born in New York, but the both of us is here now.
West side, thug life, we about that,
We been down, we been out, but we bounce back,
Seldon dropped another time, what’s the count at?
Pac yellin’ "50 punches, did you count that?"
Growin up we was known for the anger,
Young brothers coulda been dead or thrown in the slamma,
He really wanna be at where the fam is;
But instead we at the MGM posin’ for the camera.
My nigga Suge start wildin’ out,
he tellin Mike, good fight, you da champ, this ya title now.
dap it up, hug a nigga n’ it’s time to bounce,
told me “Baby Lane” in the lobby, so we ridin out.
We see Orlando, "tell me how u want it nigga,"
Pac kickin him, now Suge stomp the nigga,
Old lady try to stop it but they on the nigga,
Yellin "Death Row, Outlawz, California, nigga,"
To the Beemer, where we hop in the ride,
Suge drivin’, me and Pac on the passenger side,
Got a nigga mind race bout as fast as we drive,
Thinkin’ back to all the tragedies I had to survive.
I was there when it was Eric Write time to die,
Next year I’m with Chris at Cedars-Sinai,
I’m with Lamont at 45th and 139,
Mr Rios and Deshaun, they all say goodbye.
I flash back the paparazzi still snappin’,
roll down the Vegas strip all my niggas got it crackin’,
Two girls in the whip to the left so we mackin’,
Pac tell em Club 662 for some action.
Damn, this lights takin hella long,
The Crossroads on the radio, couldn’t a been a betta song.
Still at the corner of Koval & Flamingo,
See a Caddy creep up… n’ a glock out the window.


from KEEP IT 100, released January 2, 2014
Written and Produced by: 100 Bulletz
Mixed & Mastered by "Shadow" at M.A.D Studios



all rights reserved


100 Bulletz Toronto, Ontario

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