by 100 Bulletz

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"Keep It 100" is the debut album of rapper/producer 100 Bulletz.


released January 2, 2014

Produced by: 100 Bulletz
Executive Producer: 100 Bulletz & Bishop Brigante
Cover Art: Jake Janisse
Mixed & Mastered by: "Shadow" at M.A.D Studios
Tracks 1,6,8 Mixed by: Kemyst



all rights reserved


100 Bulletz Toronto, Ontario

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I said I gave my whole life; I look back n’ I may be stupid,
But by the age of three, I was playin music,
N’ I don’t mean a phase, boy, I was raised into it,
I’m talkin’ year after year, I was trained to do it,
8th grade, told myself I’d be famous,
they gon know my name, lil’ nigga, I was goin through it.
Then I said I’d make a mill before I left High School,
12 years later, still make excuses.
Like, it happened for a reason, believe and achieve,
If you build it, they’ll come, but this ain’t a movie,
I shoulda quit a long time ago,
but that’s givin up and real talk, I’m ashamed to do it,
And it aint the pride speakin,
if I leave now, that’s 30 years gone and I’m afraid to lose em,
And maybe what I say is foolish,
But ain’t it take thirty-three years for Jesus to get betrayed by Judas?

I said, “I gave my whole life!”

Yeah, I look around, I see:
Andrew a lawyer, John he a doctor,
My lil’ brother got his bachelors, God is good Allahu Akbar,
Akeem in the army, Grant, he a teacher,
OJ in the NFL, Shawn now a preacher.
And what I’m doin? Makin music…
Head straight but it feels like I’m bout to lose it.
Feel planted, reachin’ for the stars,
And they ever want from me is bars…

You really think I came this far to spit a punch line?
I need my pops to see his son shine,
Make em proud enough to know my mom cry,
For all my family locked in cages by the one time,
my people who just wanna see me win a Grammy... one time,
Gettin dumb high,
I'm talkin' private jet; 2AM Toronto; in Belize before the sunrise.
I don’t know how to unwind, that’s what I’m rappin for,
Both my daughters good, but what happen when they ask for more?
So, you can stack bars, I'm all about stackin paper,
From the East to the Bayside, Zack n Slater,
So much paper it don't matter how you act paper,
Let my kids draw on it, daddy call it scrap paper.
Keep It 100; bring it back when the tracks through,
Made a beat, wrote a hooks, laced the tracks too,
but’ if bars what you attract to,
you got a one-track mind, lets make a deal, I’ll give you track two.
Track Name: THROUGH THE CITY ft. Bishop Brigante & Dusty Delcozzo

Dippin thru the city,
sittin low bumping biggie,
Ridin’ slow getting lifted,
we go'n roll til we get it…
We ridin... through the city.

Top down in my ride, lights up in my city,
cruisin’ out in these streets, fix up... no Dizzy,
I keep takin’ them shots, but I ain’t talkin like 50,
tryina stopping my Shyne, but u ain’t lookin like Diddy.
See, I spotted where them Jakes at, fade that,
Swoop my nigga, we go way back, way back,
same streets we was raised in, ran game at,
Getting Money, so we play that, n play it back like…
That’s just how how we ride,
my niggas switchin lanes almost every single night.
5 in the mornin, it’s almost it never ends,
and when the sun down, you know we doin it again.

They say that boy is a problem, they don't like where I take it,
cuz I hate when make-shift fakes kids imitate this.
I am greatness... in every sense of the word,
and I save what them same lames have spent on a bird, word....
Fuck it dog cuz I'm faded,
So happy we made it (we done made it dog)
Fuck them hoes that be hatin, (fuck them bitches though)
they the same ones that get naked.
In that Scarborough state of mind, so I stay with my nine,
should I leave or should I stay? I can't make up my mind.
So, I'm up and down that Kennedy strip, Hennessy ripped,
ridin' dirty, 7:30, bumping "Me & My Whip."

Ridin... windows closed dark tinted, Polo pea coat Clark kent it,
the Lords Rose Golds authentic n' I roll so slow as though I'm parked in it.
But it so cold that I had to close coffin it and there so much smoke u suppose to cough in it,
open the door have em all froze watchin it, let it go and it roll like I'm ghost walkin it.
I bump Big Poppa "Juicy" but I chop and skrew it try not to lose it,
like 2PAC in Juice did cock and shoot it pop pop his crew and...
Shot at Q wit the cops pursuing but its not a movie and its not my music,
if you riding to it you been vibing through it, I aint gotta prove it.
Ridin' the city streets; my city we survive by any means abide by many things,
we die if anything comes in-between or intervenes with La Familia or gettin seen,
driving in it, Ready to Die up in it! Life After Death, Hypnotize skies the limit,
cuz when I die, I wanna feel like I'm the biggest like in the eyes of millions can't describe the feeling we...
The Time I Almost Died

The first thing I remember, Kool Herc and the break beats,
I been everywhere; Brooklyn to Grape Street,
I was conceived in the summertime, no A.C,
Mom and pops at a block party n' made me,
My early life; it wasn’t all that bad,
dear mom a old soul, gave me all I had,
Poppa hit it, rock n’ roll out, wasn’t all that sad,
Unless you listen to sista talkin all that jazz,
My uncle always in a funk, lil’ brother been a punk,
crates in the back seat, father put me in the trunk,
Grew up in the 80’s, I ain’t really like class,
This is how it be boy, battlin’ n’ might spazz,
Crazy legs, head spinnin’, told em I be right back,
I ain’t gonna walk this way, yeah boy, it’s like that.
Made the whole planet rock all from a mic check,
Stay fresh, real slick… had beef, but I patch,
It up, told em if u see power... fight that,
Became a public enemy just pluggin in in the mic jack,
School of the hard knocks, I inspired mike jack,
Givin up, you can scratch that, like flash,
As a teenager I was used to seein lights flash,
It’s almost gone in a blink of an eye, like Flash,
Used to be the prince when the kids around,
But I’m growin’ up, grip the pound, it’s all different now,
I’ma nigga with attitude n’ they notice me,
A cop killa, the Pope grabbing his rosary,
Politicians like, “this ain’t how it’s supposed to be.”
Try to kill a nigga, my friends and family is holdin’ me.
Like don’t go to sleep, the cuzzin is death,
I’m… holdin’ my breath in my chest til nothing is left,
They wanna see me laid in the back of a hearse n’
that’s when I started movin’ from person to person.
I gave Calvin that flow when he first was emergin,
Provided Zack that rage, n’ it worsen and worsen,
I'm on a mission now, I travelled the earth n determined,
but these shiny suits got me more nervous n’ nervous,
Everywhere I show up, It’s all eyes on me...

It was over in a couple minutes,
whole crowd yellin’ fix, I’m ringside with a couple niggas,
I moved to Cali, been with Pac a few years now,
Born in New York, but the both of us is here now.
West side, thug life, we about that,
We been down, we been out, but we bounce back,
Seldon dropped another time, what’s the count at?
Pac yellin’ "50 punches, did you count that?"
Growin up we was known for the anger,
Young brothers coulda been dead or thrown in the slamma,
He really wanna be at where the fam is;
But instead we at the MGM posin’ for the camera.
My nigga Suge start wildin’ out,
he tellin Mike, good fight, you da champ, this ya title now.
dap it up, hug a nigga n’ it’s time to bounce,
told me “Baby Lane” in the lobby, so we ridin out.
We see Orlando, "tell me how u want it nigga,"
Pac kickin him, now Suge stomp the nigga,
Old lady try to stop it but they on the nigga,
Yellin "Death Row, Outlawz, California, nigga,"
To the Beemer, where we hop in the ride,
Suge drivin’, me and Pac on the passenger side,
Got a nigga mind race bout as fast as we drive,
Thinkin’ back to all the tragedies I had to survive.
I was there when it was Eric Write time to die,
Next year I’m with Chris at Cedars-Sinai,
I’m with Lamont at 45th and 139,
Mr Rios and Deshaun, they all say goodbye.
I flash back the paparazzi still snappin’,
roll down the Vegas strip all my niggas got it crackin’,
Two girls in the whip to the left so we mackin’,
Pac tell em Club 662 for some action.
Damn, this lights takin hella long,
The Crossroads on the radio, couldn’t a been a betta song.
Still at the corner of Koval & Flamingo,
See a Caddy creep up… n’ a glock out the window.
Track Name: THE TRIALS OF THE GREAT ft. Bori Afolabi

I can see the sun go down, but darkness doesn't hid this city,
Cause torches pass down and blaze a trail.
Decades go by and with them,
monuments are raised to the triumph and the trials of the great.
The triumph and the trials of the great.

They said Hip Hop was dead; I started to hate music,
A buncha fake rappers n’ a fans who relate to it,
it’s like to sell a record you gotta degrade music,
But then I got to thinkin’ bout alla the great music.
That Wale, Lupe, Kendrick n’ Drake Music,
Dilla, Cole, Hova: anythin’ J music.
Slaughterhouse, The Lox, that Wu-Tang music,
Outkast, Goodie Mob, you know how “The A” do it, (Luda!)
That Fugees, Bone Thugs, Scarface music,
Mac Dre, Mac Mall, E-40; That Bay music,
Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A music,
Slim Shady, 50, The Game, That Dre movement.
That Black Star, “Niggas with Something to Say Music,”
Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, beat bumpin n’ blaze to it.
That No Limit, Pusha-T, Kanye Music,
Wait, No Limit, Pusha T, that’s “Con Ye” music,
I XL with the pen cuz Chino n’ Jay Blueprints.
Rakim and KRS-1 paved the way to it.
DMC, Public Enemy, Back in the day music,
Biggie, Pac, Big L, martyrs who changed music,
Nas, Common, The Roots: niggas who saved music,
Pharoah Monch, Pun, Proof: The reason I make music.
Gotta keep faith, so I’m bumpin’ Lecrae music,
If the wall to high, then I’m comin’ to break through it!

Yo, I dunno what next, but this album almost never happened,
til my boy Jake told me that I’m better rappin’,
Than most niggas, I could coach niggas, tell em’ practice,
was born to shine behind a mic like every Jackson.
A reaction for every action,
my god brother said you gotta gift from God and you hella slackin,
So, let’s get it crackin, class is in session,
I snap on a record, Wesley Snipes, black in a second,
they say, “The present is a gift, well my rappins a present,
n’ in the future, I’ma pass, n’ on that ladder to heaven,
I look back; I just hope I left a lasting impression,
In my rap, n’ I know, I done crafted perfection,
On a track, used battle rap to catch the attention,
It put a nigga on the map, n’ every map has a legend,
The names Bulletz, gotta give it a shot,
I’m not quittin, clock’ tickin’, every minute I got,
The Mission impossible, plot thick as Nicki Minaj,
So, gimme my props or I’ma Set It off, Vivica Fox.
The ladder to success more like a spiral staircase,
Cuz I been runnin round in circles tryina get the top.